Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

What Is  Educational Coaching?

Online educational coaches work with their clients to identify their goals and take active steps towards reaching them. The focus is on clarifying priorities, reinforcing a positive mindset, and sharing tools and techniques to support key tasks. Online educational coaching allows families seeking transformative change the opportunities to access world-class coaching from any location.

Is Online Coaching Effective?

When you work with a qualified educational coach and apply the techniques and principles recommended for a particular project or homeschool issues, the process can prove very effective. Educational coaches work on present challenges and focus on future solutions. Approaching goals can be an effective way to encourage a positive mindset and create proactive change.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Coaching?

Online educational coaching can help people who feel stuck in their homeschool journey, are seeking a change, or are searching for more purpose in schooling children. Educational coaching can help identify strengths, which can lead to increased confidence and clarity. A coach can provide clients with new ways to approach problems and useful techniques to solve them. Educational coaching can help you develop systems that increase your productivity. It can empower families to work better together, thereby helping individuals take accountability for their actions.

How Much Does An Online Educational Coach Cost?

The cost of online educational coaching can vary depending on a counselor’s experience, education, and prestige. Our coaching services start at 80/hr.

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